The best clubs of Florence

Florence is a beautiful city and at night becomes a real charm. It’s not just a city that offers a wide range of cultural and artistic interests, but also a great after dinner time.

The Florentine movida, though more moderate than in other cities, surprises tourists and locals. The best nightclubs in Florence are located in the city center, where University students light the night, and to satisfy them there are lot of venues that organize parties during the week beyond the weekend.

Florence is one of the best cities in Italy to go out and enjoy the night, not only thanks to its historic illuminated attractions. Whether you are looking for a night of fun or making new friends or wanting to relax with a glass of wine, Florence is right for you.

As we said, most of the nightlife of Florence focuses around Piazza della Signoria, where you can choose between aperitifs, bars or pubs. There are also nightclubs for those who love dancing or places to practice Latin dances.

Why also not try to attend one of the many tastings organized inside the wine shops of Florence, accompanied by Tuscan delicacies and great music?

Where to go in Florence

Some downtown locations offer live music during the week to break the working routine. For those who love cocktails, Negroni offers a wide range of choices to to spend nights with friends.

We recommend that you visit the Blob Club for a combination of relaxation and holiday. This place is popular, suitable for those who want to sit and chat with friends or for those who would like to hit the dance floor. Great cocktails and table football upstairs. The perfect mix for a perfect night!

For a funky and funny atmosphere, Mayday offers the perfect setting to relax and meet new people. Offering fun snacks and delicious drinks, this is a place for young people to talk about what’s going on in Florence and what to see and do, or what they have seen and done during the day, exploring the city by themselves or by a guided tour.

Opened only during the summer months, Flò has one of the best views in Italy – and by far the best in Florence. Located near Piazzale Michelangelo, Flò is the most exclusive club for those who want a night out. The dress code is strictly respected by its guests, and it is tendentially elegant. It’s recommended to arrive soon for the aperitif in order to be able to enter.