The 3 M’s of Success: Man, Machine, and Maintenance


The world of logistics and delivery often utilize large trailer trucks to do business. These vehicles are designed to stand against harsh extremes and poor road conditions. At the helm of these marvelous machines, experienced drivers have the wheel. Both man and machine are responsible for delivering goods on time.


These products can range from perishable items such as food and beverages to industrial materials such as steel pipes and gasoline. With so many things to deliver, the demand for increasing the truck performance is big. Heavy loads are often placed on trailers to lessen travel expenses.

With such heavy loads and having to face an unforgiving environment, trucks and drivers need to be at their best. Not adequately inspecting or maintaining the truck can lead to certain truck accidents which means a total loss of property, or worse, the loss of countless lives.

For companies to ensure that none of those happen, drivers are mandated to take care of their trucks. Routine checks must be made to find any minor faults that can cause major accidents. Here are some more tips to take note of when doing maintenance.


  • Check air tires. Flat tires can make handling tough in an already hard-to-handle machine.
  • Inspect suspensions. Suspensions are the metal springs that are constantly under stress due to the heavy loads carried on the truck. Look out for any cracks as these may end up on a suspension failure.
  • Oil checks are necessary tasks. Oil and other fluids should be close to ideal standard. Anything less than that can cause damage to the moving parts.
  • Consider checking the brakes. A lot of people forget this assignment, and it often ends up costing them. Brakes can be the last line to prevent a bad crash from happening.


Drivers are also not exempted from the strict checks of the company. A driver should be fit and up to the tasks ahead. Any signs that point to being under the influence or using drugs should be ruled out before a driver is allowed to control huge trailer trucks. In the end, the synergy between human and machine must be flawless. Both should be in tip-top conditions to meet those demands safely.